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Modern times with its pressing work culture, peculiar with its hectic travelling and speedy lifestyle, has ushered-in drastic changes in the environment that we live and work. Nuclear families and employed couples have become more common. Houses are left unattended for more durations, leaving them open to break-ins at any hour of the day. Ensuring safety of valuable possessions has increased the need for heightened safety at offices too.

The i-leaf security steel doors and smart digital locking systems offer ultimate / unparalleled solution to this problem with absolute safety. I-Leaf has a wide range of products like security steel doors, steel windows, Galvalume (GL) door, Galvanised Iron (GI) doors, fire-proof steel doors, fibre (FRP) doors, decorative interior doors, bathroom doors, living room doors, kitchen doors, office room doors, etc.

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Mr. Jose Edakkara

Was using wooden doors before and was not satisfied with that. Then heard about I-LEAF and decided to change into steel doors only because of the credibility they have in steel door industry for the past 15 years.

Mrs. Bindhu

Purchased with reference from our contractor. High quality maintained with elegant designs. Finish is good when compared to wooden doors. And over security is the key part. Purchased Fibre doors also for bathrooms. Surely will recommend more.

Mr. Prathapan

Purchased steel door from their Calicut showroom before 5 years and not faced any complaints till now. I am very much satisfied.