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The world is getting smarter at dynamic pace and in step with modern times, i-leaf presents global locking systems which are beyond just lock and keys. With traditional lock & key system one needs more than one key for each user. One has to carry the key around safely without misplacing or losing which increases the chance of robbery and safety of family members like children and the elders. Same is true for offices also. The high-security digital locking system from i-leaf frees one from all these hassles and risks, providing state-of-art convenience and digitally secure, high-end protection for your home & office with multi-mode advantages of user-friendly keyless entry.

Locks that are a marvel of technology... locks that respond to digital commands or RFID cards and that can be opened by the touch of your finger, just like touch screens... Locks that can memorise and remember a hundred different identities or shall we say a hundred different fingerprint images, lock s that can be accessed through a blue tooth device, locks that can store history of up to 300 accesses...

Although these new technology locks are all electronic ones, they can also be opened manually, if needed.

Locks that can put to total rest all your fears regarding physical security, be it your home or your workplace.

*Actual color of the product may slightly vary from the pictures