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I-Leaf Steel Windows are made of high quality GI with anticorrosive treatment. They are highly economical and save time as available in ready to use steel windows with frames and shutters. This unique product range has several key features. Easy to install and give freedom from carpentry and wood working. While the high-grade steel give unprecedented protection, they are eco-friendly and easy to maintain. Suitable for any weather conditions and are termite and borer proof. Also, there is no climatic deformation as in windows made of wood. Additional cost of accessories is saved too. These windows are available in various sizes with ergonomic designs and are ideal for gracing any space, colour canvas and architectural style. I-leaf steel windows replace the conventional wooden and concrete windows. Truly, it’s a product for the modern times every which way one looks at them. It’s homage to excellent taste and graceful living from I-Leaf.

At a Glance
  • Made of high quality Galvanised Steel with several unique features.
  • Available in customer choice of sizes.
  • Ready available steel thickness
  • EPOXY Primer Coated.
  • Attractive designs.
  • Termite proof, Anti Corrosive.
  • No climatic deformation as in wood.
  • No additional cost for frame.
  • Easy to install.

*Actual color of the product may slightly vary from the pictures